4D Programming & Animation

  • 4D programming is a visual animated representation of the construction sequencing of a building or infrastructure project that would traditionally be presented in GANTT chart format. 
  • 4D Programming is a game changer when it comes to developing robust programmes, and effectively communicating programmes to stakeholders.
  • An animated visualisation of project development that accurately represents the project programme provides a much faster and clearer understanding of the project elements. 
  • The process of creating a 4D programme forces hard, early thinking about project sequencing, site access, logistics, stakeholder access, timing, potential safety hazards and other issues by all stakeholders early in the development process.
  • This results in better programming outcome.
  • The level of detail required in a 4D programme is much higher than the detail in a traditional GANTT chart, resulting in a more comprehensive integrated programme.
  • Other key benefits of 4D programming include:
    • Improved project tracking.
    • Ability to compare a visual representation of actual versus forecast programme-visual programme status.
    • Forces more input at an earlier stage by more stakeholders
    • Helps to identify potential construction or access issues and plan for solutions earlier.
    • Helps to identify out of sequence work more easily than reading from a GANTT chart.
    • Ability to communicate to a wider audience compared to traditional GANTT chart,
    • More effective communication between principal and contractor.

McGregor can work with clients to create 4D programmes from existing projects by linking each activity of a GANTT chart generated in project Microsoft Project, primavera or any other application to create a 4D visualisation.

McGregor can also work with clients to prepare programmes from the commencement of a project in GANTT chart, 4D or both.

McGregor has also worked with many clients preparing tender stage 4D pitch animations showing the contractor’s detailed understanding of the project and proposed construction sequencing.


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