Fuzor 4D Construction Animation

McGregor uses the Fuzor application to create Tender Animations and 4D construction animations on some of Australia’s most complex construction projects. Fuzor is an intuitive and efficient tool to support preparation of 4D animations that accurately represent project design elements and construction programmes in a clear and visually appealing digital animated format.

Fuzor interacts with most mainstream digital file and GANTT programme formats allowing for fast creation and updating of 4D animations in response to constantly changing project programmes and design.

Fuzor animations help people understand construction elements that are not well represented by GANTT charts, 2D drawings or traditional safe work method statements. Fuzor can be used to create visual representations of project programmes, construction methodologies, safe work methods, site access restrictions, public area interfaces, critical infrastructure and other key construction elements.

The McGregor team is available throughout Asia Pacific to provide Fuzor training and assist clients establish and implement Fuzor capability on live construction and infrastructure projects.

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