Virtual Design & Construction

  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the creation of a digital model of a full construction or infrastructure development from start to finish, incorporating design, construction processes, access, logistics, schedules, cost, budget, health and safety, and other related tasks
  • A full VDC project allows stakeholders to understand how the project will be built from start to finish before commencing site works.
  • BIM is one element of VDC. BIM technology creates a digital representation of a physical building. VDC allows creation of a full project virtually, with the ability to track construction progress and costs, understand logistics and access, plan safe work methods. 
  • VDC provides the ability to create more efficient workflows, improve project quality, reduce cost, improve health and safety outcomes and reduce overall project risk.
  • McGregor team members have the necessary construction experience and BIM capabilities to assist clients implement an effective VDC on their planned projects.

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