NSW Digital Engineering Services Prequalification Scheme

McGregor is qualified under the NSW Government Digital Engineering Services Prequalification Scheme to work with Australian State and federal government departments and government owned or controlled organisations to provide BIM and Digital Engineering services.

The scheme is administered by Transport for new South Wales (TfNSW)

Scheme Details (Source: tenders.nsw.gov.au)

Digital Engineering (DE) is now recognised as global best practice for infrastructure agencies, as a growing number of government and client organisations are now mandating the use of DE techniques and deliverables from their supply chain.

DE is a collaborative way of working, using digital processes, to enable more productive methods of planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining our assets. This is achieved by creating a Common Data Environment (CDE), that aligns digital information systems including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM), electronic document management, project controls (time, cost, risk etc), asset data and other related systems.

Over recent years DE has been implemented on a project-by-project basis, to achieve project benefits such as improved safety, reduced risk and greater cost certainty. In order to achieve more enduring, whole-of-life benefits DE implementation requires a consistently, standards-led approach, supported by an overarching strategy. This scheme has been developed to establish has a pool of suppliers that are prequalified, to supply necessary DE services to NSW Government.

Source: tenders.nsw.gov.au (Scheme ID SCM7971)

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