Lifecycle Planning & Material Tracking

McGregor provides lifecycle and material tracking services including:

  • Planning and tracking the full lifecycle of key materials such as structrual steel, facade and other prefabricated items:
    • Procurement
    • Deployment
    • Utilisation
    • Maintenance
    • Disposal
  • Long lead item programming, procurement and tracking,
  • Management of long lead/critical path items such as prefabricated concrete, steel, HV&LV electrical equipment, ICT equipment, specialist construction equipment (cranes, tunnel boring machines, other specialist machinery)
  • McGregor’s in-house Visual Materials Tracking application uses cutting edge applications to track pre-fabricated elements including structural steel, façade and glazing.
  • Effective materials tracking is critical to maintaining programme on large and complex projects with off-site manufacturing/pre-fabrication elements.


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