Asset Data Management

  • Managing asset data is one of the most complex areas of BIM/Digital Engineering.
  • Storage of asset data on a large building or infrastructure project often results in multiple gigabytes of data.
  • Up to 20 or more pieces of data may be recorded for every single asset, from a bolt to a backup generator, resulting in an extensive information database that needs to be accessible and manageable.
  • Maintaining an accurate database of building information is critical to allow effective asset operations and management.
  • An effective, efficient and manageable system for asset data management is required to manage extremely high amounts of data associated with buildings and infrastructure assets.
  • McGregor uses automated systems to assist with management of the huge databases of information associated with existing and new buildings and infrastructure.
  • McGregor can assist clients to develop and implement Asset Data Management systems using off the shelf or bespoke applications, to cater to their specific requirements.

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